Hastang - bio and songs


Ara Chawdhury - vocals
Ara Chawdhury - guitars
Murry Suson - guitars
Guile Canencia  - bass
Mark Austin Ladanan - drum

Prior to joining Hastang

    Current guitarist Raul played lead guitars for Eve's Garden.
    Current singer Ara sang for Dama de Noche.

About the band

Hastang was formed in February 2005 when Mark and Guile (remnants of the now-defunct indie rock act Squirrel Talk) began jamming with Tessa and Roy with the sole purpose of writing all-original material.

The band’s first big break came in May 2005 when they made it to the finals of the MTV Hits Cebu band showdown held at the SM City Cebu Parking Lot. With their hard rocking song Oblivion, Hastang went on to win second place over-all in the band competition. Since then, the band’s popularity in the indie scene increased as they made frequent appearances in music bars.

In 2006, the single Random began enjoying regular air play - even rising to the top 4 of a local station's weekly countdown.

Hastang also proved to be instrumental in reviving POST NO BILL, a series of gigs that showcases the best acts of the local music scene. Along with indie veterans Sheila and the Insects, Hastang has become a mainstay of this bi-monthly musical event held in various venues in Cebu.

Hastang has undergone some line-up changes in the last few years, notably in the addition of new singer Ara Chawdhury in 2009.

Journey over years

In late 2005, Hastang commenced the recording of their debut album, which contains 11 original tracks they’ve written and arranged in the last eight months. It was at this time that guitar player Raul (formerly of hard rock band Eve’s Garden) joined in to complete the dual-guitar format.

During this time, the band recorded 10 songs in Phoenix Glide Studios with the exception of Random, which was recorded earlier in the summer of 2005 at the same studio. The said song was later re-mastered with Guile doing minor bass guitar re-dubs.

In early 2006, after four months of studio tracking and mixing, the band wrapped up the recording of the album.



If you know some songs of this band kindly share it here.. thanks!

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Hale - bio and songs


Champ Lui Pio
Roll Martinez
Shelldon Gellada
Paolo Santiago

About the band

Hale is one of the most famous bands in the Philippines. They engage in Alternative Rock, OPM Acoustic, and Power Ballad but their name was taken from the dictionary. The band was composed of Champ Lui Pio, Roll Martinez, Sheldon Gellada and Omnie Saroca. Champ and Roll play the guitars and also in vocals while Sheldon and Omnie play the bass and the drum respectively.

They formed their band on July 2004. The band focuses on playing their originals instead of going indie. Hale signed with EMI Philippines with only less than half a year after the band was formed. It was on November. On May 2005, they released their first single, "Broken Sonnet" together with their self-titled album.

The band did not gain much attention until their second single "The Day You Said Goodnight" was released. The debut album reached to triple platinum with almost 90,000 copies was sold. It is surprising for an upstart band to achieve such recognition from aficionados with only "Coldplay" as their inspiration.

Kahit Pa and Kung Wala Ka were released late on 2005. Both singles managed the #1 spot in the charts of radio stations nationwide. At the end of year 2005, Hale is one of the most influential band in the Philippines. In MYX Hit Chart Year- End Countdown, The Day You Said Goodnight was #1, Kahit Pa was #7 and Kung Wala Ka was #17. Hale released their repackaged album on February of 2006 together with two new singles, Tollgate and Blue Sky. Blue Sky is the first ever music video without any instruments.

On September 30, 2006, Hale released their second album named Twilight under EMI Philippines containing their single, Waltz. Waltz has the most nominations for the advantage of early release than any other singles in the album. The single hit the #8 in Year 2006 MYX Hit Chart Year-End Countdown. The album reached its gold status less than a week after its release. Hale released 3 singles from the album Twilight, Hide and Seek, Shooting Star and The Ballad Of. On Year 2007 MYX Chart Year-End Countdown, Shooting Star earned the #12 position.

The goal of the band is to reach its listening crowd and make them understand the value of music and sincerity. It is in sincerity where Hale excels.


  •     Broken Sonnet
  •     The Day You Said Goodnight
  •     Kahit Pa
  •     Kung Wala Ka
  •     Tollgate
  •     Blue Sky
  •     Waltz
  •     Hide and Seek
  •     Shooting Star
  •     The Ballad Of
Awards and accomplishments
  •     Rising Star for the Month of September- MTV Pilipinas
  •     Best New Artist for 2005- MTV Pilipinas
  •     Song of the Year- The Day You Said Goodnight, 97.1 WLS-FM Year End Awards
  •     OPM Song of the Year- The Day You Said Goodnight, RX 93.1 Year End Awards  
  •     OPM Band of the Year- RX 93.1 Year End Awards.
  •     OPM Song of the Year- The Day You Said Goodnight, Magic 89.9 WTM Year End Awards.
  •     Best New OPM Artist- TM 89.9 Year End Awards.
  •     Best Ballad- 19th Awit Awards
  •     Best Group of the Year for 2006- Smart People’s Choice Award
  •     Best Pop Rock Band for 2006- SOP PASIKLABAN
  •     Favorite Pop Video for 2006- Kung Wala Ka, MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards
  •     Artist of the Month for October 2006- MTV Pilipinas
  •     Favorite Rock Video- Waltz, MYX Music Awards 2007
  •     Favorite Artist- MMA 14
  •     Favorite Group- MMA 49

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Gypsy Grind - bio and songs

If you know the bio and songs of this band kindly share it here at the comment box or email me at thanks folks!

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Greyhoundz - bio and songs

  About the band

Greyhoundz is a Filipino band specializes in genres like Indie, Hardcore and Rap Metal. During the 90’s, they were considered as the meanest and heaviest band in the country, able to bridge Heavy Rock and Hip Hop- two norms in music which cannot go on together.

Greyhoundz is currently a four-some band, composed of Reg Rubio as the band’s vocalists, TJ Brillantes on drums, Audie Avenido on guitars and Niño Avenido on basss. Allen Cudal was once included in the list as guitarist however, he died on May 6, 2006 in a car accident.


The Avenido Cousins, Audie and Niño, formed the band Greyhoundz on 1997. The name was borrowed from the band of Audie’s father. Simply, like any other band, they just wanted to compete in a local battle of bands. The contest however, was cancelled, so they decided to audition at Club Dredd.

Everything during the late 90’s was influences mainly by foreign trends: food, fashion and even music, name it, it is simply stereotypical. They have met Reg who also played in a band at Club Dredd. The two recruited him and since then, they have been enjoying his presence.

As the decade faced a new horizon, the Philippine music scenery was totally blown by a single demo recording. The demo was heard in NU107’s In The Raw program. The single was named “Pigface” and the artist, Greyhoundz.

For those who heard the song were amazed for it was the first time in the airwaves that the kind of music was being played. The sound was referred as “new alternative” and its acceptance was unbelievable. The “New Metal” genre was conceived.

Being new in the industry, the band was best described as brave, bold and aggressive. The Pigface spread throughout the country and at last, the Pinoys have something to be proud of. As more and more fans were recognized, a solid and massive fanbase was created. This really took off when the band released its much-anticipated debut album.

The album was entitled 7 Corners Of Your Game, released on 1999 under Sony Music Philippines. Spawning the rawest and most powerful yet appealing songs, Greyhoundz proved their versatility in songwriting. The album includes hit singles like Mr.Pig, Leech and Party At 802. The album went on to its Platinum Status.

On 2001, another Sony Music Philippines’ recording was released. This self-titled album produced instant favourites as Jack In The Box, Hole and Your Puppet And Clown. Fans expected an equally good or a better album than the first, and they were right. In addition, encompassed in the Spider-Man movie music compilation .was one of the Greyhoundz’ song “Even” from the album, making them the first Asian artist to be included in this international project.

On mid 2005, Greyhoundz again released its third album dubbed as Apoy. The album was released under the label of EMI Philippines. With 13 tracks, the album boasts the presence of Francis Magalona, Gloc 9 and Otso Queso in “Koro”.

Despite the unexpected demise of a brother, Greyhoundz never did a time-out. Instead, all this they dedicated to the one above, who wants nothing than to do their best and be the best. They have played at numerous events, collaborated with the country’s famous acts and headlined some of the shows. From Luzon to Visayas to lower Mindanao, Greyhoundz toured them all.

Currently, with many rock bands sprouted as aggressive as Greyhoundz did before, but still, Greyhoundz stood up true and steadfast, fearless and ambitious. And the fans grew even bigger.


7 Corners Of Your Game
  •         Mr. P.I.G.
  •         Stage
  •         Party At 802
  •         Temptation
  •         Sin
  •         Leech
  •         Y?
  •         Fools
  •         Ode
  •         Hinahanap
  •         Groovin’With Ya
  •         Pigface
  •         Taking U High
  •         Even
  •         Jack In The Box
  •         Hole
  •         Karmic?
  •         Versus
  •         Your Puppet and Clown
  •         Pull
  •         Candyflip
  •         Quicjksand
  •         Bonfires and Sandcastles
  •         Monologue
  •         Blues Juice
  •         Aftertaste
  •         For Kristiane
  •         Silhouettes
  •         Doble Kara
  •         Beautiful Ungrateful
  •         Is 3s 6s
  •         Kill The Joy
  •         Snapshots Taken From…
  •         Koro
  •         Pseudo Dramatic
  •         Medicine
  •         Apoy
  •         Sitcoms
  •         In Debted To
  •         Soldier
Awards and accomplishments
  •      Loudest Act of the Year- 2001 Pulp Freakshow Awards
  •     Rockstar Award- Reg Rubio, 2001 Pulp Freakshow Awards
  •     Bassist of the Year- Niño Avenido, NU Rock Awards 2002
NU Rock Awards
  •     Bassist of the Year- Niño Avenido
  •     Vocalist of the Year- Reg Rubio
  •     Drummer of the Year- TJ Brillantes
  •     Best Album Packaging
  •     Song of the Year- Your Puppet and Clown
  •     Artist of the Year
  •     Guitarist of the Year- Allen Cudal and Audie Avenido
  •     Bassist of the Year- Niño Avenido
  •     Vocalist of the Year- Reg Rubio
  •     Drummer of the Year- TJ Brillantes
  •     Best Album Packaging
  •     Song of the Year- Leech
  •     Artists of the Year
  •     Guitarist of the Year- Allen Cudal and Audie Avenido
  •     Bassist of the Year- Niño Avenido
  •     Vocalist of the Year- Reg Rubio
  •     Drummer of the Year- TJ Brillantes
  •     Best Album Packaging
  •     Song of the Year- Mr. PIG and Pigface
  •     Artist of the Year
MTV Pilipinas Awards (2002)
  •     Best Video- Your Puppet and Clown
  •     Best Director- Rico Gutierrez
KATHA Awards (2002)
  •     Best Album Packaging
Awit Awards (2001)
  •     Best Recording
  •     Best Album

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Eheads - bio and songs


  • Ely buendia
  • Raimund Marasigan
  • Buddy Zabala
  • Marcus Adoro

About the band

Eheads is one of the most successful band in the history of Philippine OPM. It also credited for spearheading a second wave of Manila band inva invasions. They released several singles and reached number one. 
They achieved critical and commercial success specially with their album Cutterpillo which achieved platinum status many times. Eheads acknowledge to be the Viewer's Choice Award for Asia from the MTV Video Music Awards.

Because of the very long story of this band, i just preferred that you just click here to read more

more of Eheads here thanks wikipedia

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Drip - bio and songs


  •     Raymund "Rann" Golamco - founding member, guitars (2001–2004)
  •     Malek Lopez - founding member, live keyboards, sound design,
  •     Beng Calma-Alcazaren - founding member, vocals
  •     Caliph8 - turntables, FX
  •     Ian Magbanua - beats, programmings
About the band
Drip is a band from Manila. Drip cult status grew with Manila's musical cognoscenti. Now Drip is signed to Terno Recordings. On March 15, 2008 drip released their 2nd album entitled "Identity Theft" - this album is the first full length Filipino album to be released under a Creative Common license. There is also a band named DRIP in other country in Wichita and KS.

Songs and albums

Far side of the world
  •     Far Side
  •     Dig
  •     Copy
  •     Hobbit
  •     In Between
  •     Camille For Now
  •     Hey Preppie
  •     Sweet Cheeks
  •     Song Number 9
  •     Pushing Him Away
  •     To You
  •     Go
Identity Theft
  •     Fallen
  •     Kindergarten Romance
  •     Run to Follow
  •     In Between Remix
  •     Bloodletting
  •     Swanker
  •     Faultless
  •     Blind
  •     Is Anybody Listening?
  •     Identity Theft
  •     Morning After
  •     Turning Gray

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Dicta License - bio and songs

About the band

Dicta License is a Filipino band formed December 1999, whose music is a fusion of rock, rap, and grunge.
This band consists of Pochoy Labog on vocals, Bryan Makasiar on drums, Kelley Mangahas on bass, and
Boogie Romero on guitars.The band's name literally translates as "License to Speak," which can be aptly associated with the philosophical cum socio-political tone evident in their songs. The band's influences include Rage Against the Machine, Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Public Enemy, Incubus, and many others, with RATM being their strongest influence of all.

Journey over years

 Their first big break happened in 2001 when Warner Music Philippines included their songs Duct Tape and
Criminal in its compilation album, No Seat Affair, together with other than up-and-coming artists, Cog,
DTS, Zooom, Six Digit and Euglito's Eye. In that same year, the band was invited to the Busan International Rock Festival in Korea, where they performed in front of a crowd of about 25,000.

In 2003, they released a 5-song EP which consisted of their original songs Burning Streets of Love and
Hate, Criminal, Smoke Under the Table, Falling Earth and Undiscarded. Two years after, the band released
their first album, Paghilom, under Warner Music Philippines. It consisted of ten tracks with lyrics that explicitly address the Filipino youth with issues of socio-political concern. Their carrier single from this album, "Ang Ating Araw" was the most played song on NU 107 for the year 2005.

I haven't found any infos for it but if you know the list songs of this band kindly share it here or email me at thanks!

Awards and accomplishments

MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards 2006
  •     Best Cinematopgraphy in a Video
  •     Best Production Design in a Video for their song, "Complex."
NU 107 Rock Awards 2006
  •     Vocalist of the Year and Best Male
  •     Guitarist of the Year

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The Dawn - bio and songs


  •     JB Leonor - drums
  •     Jett Pangan - vocals
  •    Buddy Zabala - bass guitar
  •   Kenneth Ilagan - guitar

About the band

The Dawn was formed in 1985 by Teddy Diaz (vocals and guitars), JB Leonor (drums) and Clay Luna (bass). The band's name was derived from a portrait of the Holy Spirit that symbolized the dawn of a new day (probably found in a book given by the Sisters of the Holy Spirit to Teddy Diaz, as well as a crucifix which Teddy also received from the same sisterhood), called The Dawning of the Holy Spirit.Diaz, Leonor and Luna initially wanted a female vocalist; but in the course of their search, Jett Pangan auditioned and got the trio's unanimous nod. The quartet began performing in clubs and eventually recorded a demo of a song entitled "Enveloped Ideas," a copy of which they submitted to DWXB 102.7, a now-defunct Metro Manila–based FM radio station that played Alternative rock and New Wave music. It topped the radio station's charts in 1986, helping the group gain a cult following.[4] Heavily influenced by the New Wave genre of the 1980s, "Enveloped Ideas" is distinct for its introductory operatic vocals a la Klaus Nomi.

While The Dawn was in search of a major record label, Luna left the band to immigrate to the US. Carlos "Caloy" Balcells, bass player of another Filipino group, the Cicada Band, soon replaced him.

Their journey over years

In 1986, The Dawn signed with OctoArts International (now PolyEast Records Philippines) and, the next summer, released their eponymous debut album, which gained commercial success. Many critics felt that The Dawn would fill the void left behind by the Juan de la Cruz Band when their music slowly faded in the 1980s.

At the height of their popularity, and just weeks after the release of their second album I Stand With You, Teddy Diaz was stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend's house on August 21, 1988 by two men allegedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Despite the demise of Diaz, his influence is still felt among many guitarists today and he has become a legend among many Filipino musicians. The Dawn still considers Diaz to be the band's driving force to this day.

The band continued to play, at one time employing the services of a masked guitarist (nicknamed "Zorro" by some fans) in the absence of a permanent guitar player. Atsushi Matsuura, a Japanese guitarist who had earlier released a solo album in the Philippines under Ivory Records, took on lead guitar duties in January 1989. He was later replaced by Francis Reyes, former Afterimage guitarist, who was also a disc jockey at NU-107, a local alternative rock radio station. Reyes also happened to be Diaz's close friend. Classically trained session keyboardist Millette Saldajeno also joined the band in 1990 but was later replaced by Isidore Fernandez in 1992.

  •     The Dawn (1986)
  •     I Stand With You (1988)
  •     Beyond the Bend (1989)
  •     Heart's Thunder (1990)
  •     Abot Kamay (1992)
  •     Puno't Dulo (1994)
  •     Prodigal Sun (2000)
  •     Harapin (2004)
  •     Tulad ng Dati (2006)
  •     The Later Half of Day (2008)
  •     Sound the Alarm (2009)
Awards and accomplishments
  •     Best Breakthrough Actor (nomination)- Tulad Ng Dati- ENPRES Golden Screen Awards
  •     Best Editing- Tulad Ng Dati, Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.
  •     Best Sound- Tulad Ng Dati, Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.
  •     Best Picture- Tulad Ng Dati, Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.
  •     Greatest New Wave Song of all time- Enveloped Ideas, DWXB-FM

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Dead Ends - Bio and Songs

I haven't found yet any infos for this band. If you know something kindly share just put your comments or send me and email at thanks!

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Datu's Tribe - Bio and Songs

 About the band

Datu’s Tribe is Filipino band was formed on 1987 by several University of the Philippines- Los Baños students, Cabring, the Vesperas brothers, Dax Dacayan and Dos Pacio on drums and rhythm guitar  respectively. They were created to compete during a campus band contest and they emerged as the winner.

Most of their early gigs focused only to UP-Los Baños school events. One of the most memorable events was when the band made an opening act for The Eraserheads on 1991. During the time, Dax and Dos left the band. Unwilling to settle, the band moved on as a quartet band, replacing Dax by Ian Cabanilla. As the line-up changed, their original music leaned towards New Wave and the line-up had a heavier influence among listeners.

With their small amount of money, the band decided to record a demo tape in the Audio Captain Recording Studio. They submitted the said demo to LA105 which a sudden anthem for local underground music. All songs gained airplays over radio but only the song,” Praning” launched the band into its recognition. The song captured the ears of the listeners and stayed for six weeks in LA’s Sunday countdown. Datu’s Tribe is now a hit band not only in Los Baños but also outside its territory.

The band members decided to move to Manila and try their luck in the city of progress. They auditioned of the newly-reopened Club Dredd. The club owner, Patrick Reidenbach was already interested after hearing the song, Praning and allowed them to play a gig. With the band’s impressive live performance, Patrick uttered no words and let the band remained as a regular performer for the club. The house was packed by slam-dancing kids whenever the band played.

By 1995, Datu’s Tribe still has no record deal even their songs were receiving massive airplays. Reidenbach decided to manage the band and signed them with Universal Records. At the time, the record label was known for churning out mainstream pop acts like Willy Garte and Jose Mari Chan.

The label agreed to take risk and recorded Datu’s Tribe’s debut album. They allowed Reidenbach produced the said album. Recorded at FX Studios, the album was entitled Galit Kami Sa Baboy and packed with eleven pure-originals.

All their songs were gaining steadfast airplays in all radio stations throughout the country though it lack of support from the label. After seven months since release, the album went on to Gold Status. As a result, the band performed several concerts and played gigs in clubs and cities all over the Philippines. Each performance was adrenaline-laced and audiences were hungry looking for a power rock band.

After few years, music scene waned and on 1997, the band decided to replace Ian with John. Cabring eventually hooked up with a bass player, Andre Umali. The latter asked Dax Padiernos to help looking for a new drummer for the group. After several try-outs, Datu’s Tribe settled down with Dax Padiernos on drums and Mark Noval was added later to the group.

The once hopeless band now revitalized and eventually landed into successful gigs. Due to Internet fansites, radio guestings and new generation of listeners and supporters, Datu’s Tribe now realized its dream.

A couple of thousands, blood, guts and gray matter forced into creative inspiration by liters of alcohol, they released their follow-up album of their debut album. The EP was named Fat Burner and released during April Fool’s Day. Many new songs have been written and performed; still Datu’s flawless trademark is ever present.
Dax Padiernos and Mark Noval eventually retired and Paolo Delarama is the new drummer. Current members are Eric Cabrera on vocals, Del Visperas on guitars, Andre Umali on bass and Paolo Delarama on drums.


  • And I See
  • Kwento Ni Del
  • Nakakalitong Mga Tao

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Cueshe - Bio and Songs

 About the band

Cueshé is a Filipino pop rock band from Cebu, Philippines, currently based in Manila.
In March 2005, the group decided to move to the Philippine capital of Manila. The group achieved hit singles ("Stay", "Sorry", "Ulan", "Can't Let You Go" and "24 Hours"), a double platinum album (Half Empty, Half Full), accolades (Favorite Artist, Favorite Group and Favorite Song—for the song "Stay" at the 1st MYX Music Awards; SMART Texters’ Choice Hitmaker of the Year at the 2006 MTV Pilipinas Awards; Band of the Year at the 2006 SOP PasiklaBand Awards; and Best Breakthrough Artist at the 2005 SOP Music Awards), within the span of a year.

Less than a year later, the band released their second album, Back to Me. The new album contained ten new tracks, all of which were written by the band members themselves. The first single from the album was of the same title, followed by three more singles "Borrowed Time", "Bakit?" and "Pasensya Na". Being fans of The Beatles, they also did a remake of the John Lennon hit single "Jealous Guy". In 2008, a third album was released entitled Driven, which spawned the three singles "BMD", "There Was You" and "Minsan". 2010 saw the band release their fourth and latest album Life, containing the single "Pangako".

The band also made a contribution to The Eraserheads tribute album, Ultraelectromagneticjam!: The Music Of The Eraserheads, on which they sung their own rendition of "Hard To Believe".

The band also recorded the theme song of the Philippine television series Asian Treasures entitled "Walang Yamang (Mas Hihigit Sa 'Yo)", which is included in the repackaged version of their album Back to Me.

Awards and accomplishments

SOP Music Awards
  •     Best Breakthrough Artist
  •     Artist of the Year
1st MYX Music Awards
  •     Favorite Artist
  •     Favorite New Artist
  •     Favorite Group
  •     Favorite Song
MTV Pilipinas Awards
  •     Smart Texter’s Choice Hitmaker of the Year
SOP Pasiklaban Awards
  •     Band of the Year
  •     Favorite Pop Rock
  •     Favorite Vocalist
  • 24 Hours
  • Bakit
  • Can’t Let You Go
  • I Do
  • Jealous Guy
  • Never Leave
  • Sorry
  • Ulan
  • All I Want
  • Borrowed Time
  • Here For You
  • I Won’t Let You Down
  • Love Me Now Hate Me Soon
  • Pasensya Na
  • Stay
  • Walang Yamang Mas Hihigit Sa’yo
  • Back To Me
  • Broken Into Pieces
  • Hump Ahead
  • If You Need Me
  • Missing You
  • Sky
  • Today
  • When I’m With You

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Chicosci - Bio and Songs

  • Miggy Chavez
  • Mong Alcaraz
  • Calde Calderon
  • Macoy Estacio
  • Ariel Lumanlan

How the band made

ChicoSci (previously Chico Science) was originally composed of Miguel "Miggy" Chavez, Paul Ivan "Bimboy" Nota,Symon "Monsci" Villato, Miguel "Mong" Alcaraz, Carlos "Calde" Calderon, Jan Kevin Santos and Joel Salvador from the Ateneo de Manila University. They later recruited guitarist Sonny Baquisal and long-time friend Eugene "Yug" Esquivias to solidify the songwriting process. The band won an inter school Battle of the Bands and spent the prize money recording a demo – an investment that landed them a two-album record deal with EMI Philippines. The band released the albums Revenge of the Giant Robot and Method of Breathing.

Their journey over years

Aalways trying out new things, the band continued to work on redefining their sound. Shifting their musical direction to a more melodic style, they sought Raimund Marasigan for guidance in working with their second album. True enough, both audiences and critics embraced the new sound of ChicoSci. Method Of Breathing included several hits such as Glass is Broken, Rolento, and the highly-infectious Paris. Interestingly, Paris holds the record for the most number of weeks a song (foreign or local) has stayed in a countdown. It stayed in the NU107 Midnight Countdown for more than 52 weeks and gave Chicosci the Song of the Year award at the 2002 NU 107 Rock Awards.

In 2004, the band released their third album, Icarus, under Viva Records. The band again enlisted the help of Marasigan, who brought along Buddy Zabala, to produce the band's most experimental album. In May 2004, the band gained media recognition by becoming MTV's Lokal Artist of the Month. The songs Theme from Conversation with Fire, Shallow Graves, and An Argument, enjoyed media airtime, also went into the NU 107 Midnight and Year-end Countdown.

On June 6, 2006, ChicoSci released and launched their self-titled 4th album. Having been in the studio for more than a year, the band boasts it as being their best work to date. The self-produced album features catchier melodies and more synth playing from Alcaraz. At the same time, there is minimal screaming and more focus on Chavez's singing, the most obvious change on the self titled album.

With the release of their carrier single A Promise, ChicoSci gained more popularity as their market grew. ChicoSci went on to play in Malaysia and Singapore as well as local hot spots like Cafe Saguijo. The album has spawned four singles, A Promise, Seven Black Roses, ChicoSci Vampire Social Club and Last Look. The music video for ChicoSci Vampire Social Club won the Favorite Rock Video at the 2008 Myx Music Awards. The band released their fifth studio album, Fly Black Hearts in 2009.

  •     7 Black Roses
  •     A Habit Of Rest Brings Nothing
  •     A Promise
  •     Amen
  •     An Argument
  •     Anything For Two
  •     Cold
  •     Colonized
  •     Confusing Situation
  •     Dim    
  •     Drift
  •     Gift Of Tongues
  •     Glass Is Broken
  •     In Arms

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Cerumentric - Bio and Songs

About the band

CERUMENTRIC is The Biotronic Rock Force.
CERUMENTRIC is a one-man synthrock band, specifically Erick A. Fabian Sr., who sings and plays synths and samplers.
CERUMENTRIC is a two-time Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA) nominee for Best Electro/Dance Act.

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The Camerawalls - Bio and Songs


  •     Clementine (vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, banduria, octavina)
  •     Law Santiago (bass guitar)
  •     Joseph Rudica (drums)
  •     George Carillo (electric guitars)
Live Session Player:
  •     Ian Zafra (guitars)
Former Members
  •     Ian Sarabia (drums)
  •     Paolo Peralta (guitars)

About the band

The Camerawalls is an indie pop band based in Manila, Philippines formed in 2007 by singer and guitarist
Clementine, the main songwriter of the band and formerly of Orange and Lemons.

From an indie status with a cult following back in 2003 to mainstream success and natiowide sensation in
2005 via a series of hit singles thru a major label, the news of Orange and Lemons breakup in 2007 resulted from the premature exit of Clementine from the music scene. Clementine immediately formed a new band on September 2007 under the name The Camerawalls. It showcased his songwriting prowess that manifested in his earlier works collaborating with old friends Law Santiago and Ian Sarabia.

To support The Camerawalls' releases and go as far as establishing full creative control and marketing
his own music, Clementine also founded Lilystars Records, an independent record label determined to
house the sensibility and aesthetics of indie pop music in the Philippines. On March 2008, The Camerawalls released a sample of their music with an unofficial single "Markers Of Beautiful Memories" over the internet and slowly gained attention and following and eventually picked up by radio. With the release of the debut album "Pocket Guide To The Otherworld" on July 3, 2008 and success of the single "Clinically Dead For 16 Hours," The Camerawalls became an example of a remarkable music production in true indie spirit.

"Pocket Guide To The Otherworld" has become a landmark release that showed people what happens when
contemporary indie pop meets good old Filipino sensibilities.

  •    Markers Of Beautiful Memories
  •    Clinically Dead For 16 Hours
  •     Lord Of The Flies
  •     I Love You, Natalie
  •     Changing Horses Midstream
  •     Ignore My Weakness, Don't Ignore Me
  •    Canto De Maria Clara
  •    The Emperor, The Concubine & The Commoner
  •     Solitary North Star

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Cambio - Bio and Songs


  • Raimund Marasigan - drums, precussions
  • Buddy Zabala - bass guitar
  • Ebe Dancel - lead guitar , vocals
  • Diego Mapa - rythm guitar, audio effect, vocals
  • Chris Gorra Dancel- lead vocals, rythm guitar
How the band made

When Ely Buendia left the Eraserheads sometime in 2002, remaining members Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan decided to continue as Eheads by adding singer-guitarist Kris Gorra (from the indie all-girl pop-punk band, Fatal Posporos and, later, Duster). After just a few months, Marcus Adoro left the group as well to pursue a passion for surfing and for his own musical endeavor, Markus Highway. Zabala, Marasigan and Gorra (later, Gorra-Dancel) decided to continue on, adding Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree and Diego Mapa (of Monsterbot and Pedicab); and thus becoming Cambio.

Cambio is well-known for having songs about Pinoy Pop Culture, such as DV (Divisoria, a commercial place in Manila which is popular for having affordable goods) and Call Center (a budding industry in the Philippines).


  • Autopilot
  • Elastic
  • Patlang
  • Di Na
  • Ledgeboy
  • Photostatik
  • DV
  • Lihim

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Callalily - Bio and Songs

About the band

From the country’s top great band such as Cueshe, 6cyclemind and Brownman Revival, Sony BMG Music
Entertainment introduces another discovery that will set another trend in the music scene in the band Callalily.
Callalily is a Filipino pop-rock band. It was composed of 5 members, Kean Cipriano, Aaron Ricafrente,
Alden Acosta, Tatsi Jamnague and Lemuel Belaro. Kean was in vocals, Alden is the Lead Guitarist, the
Rhythm Guitarist is no other than Tatsi from Pasig, Lemuel Belaro was responsible of the drums and Aaron
is the Bass Guitarist from Pasig. Aside from Tatsi, these four attended classes of Conservatory of Music in UST. Callalily is a part of a group of talented bands of Soupstar Entertainment who feed us with their cool
songs together with Juana, Imago, Frio, 6cyclemind, Manomano, Kala, Rocksteddy, Protein Shake, Sandwich, Mayonnaise etc.

Stars, their first singles gained heavy publicity on known radio stations and its music video was seen on prominent music channels. It is a successful single having the topmost position for 3 weeks on MYX.
It was also nominated as the Favorite Song at the MYX Music Awards 2007. Their second singles Take My
Hand was ranked only # 3 on MYX but their third single, Magbalik brought them to rank # 1 again in MYX.
Being the successor of Stars, Magbalik spent 7 consecutive weeks being the # 1. The music video of Pasan
was premiered on June 1, 2007 at MYX and was debuted immediately on MYX Daily Top 10 on June 4, 2007 ranked as # 9. It peaked recently as # 1 on MYX Hit Chart for 6 non-consecutive weeks. Destination XYZ, their debut album was released on 2006 with their singles Stars, Take My Hand, Magbalik, Pasan and

They were arranging now their second album but the band did not give details about it.

Awards and Accomplishments
Favorite Song 2007
  • “Stars” in MYX Music Awards
Favorite New Artist 2007
  • “Callalily” in MYX Music Awards
Song of the Year 2007
  • “Pasan & Take My Hand” in NU Rock Awards.
Best performance by a New Group Recording Artist 2007
  • “Stars” by in Awit Awards
Favorite Male Vocalist
  • “Kean Cipriano” in 1st OPM Songhits Awards 2007
Best Performance by a New Recording Artist“Callalily” in 1st OPM 
  • Songhits Awards 2007
Best Music Video“Magbalik” in 1st OPM Songhits Awards 2007  
  • Dream
  • Magbalik
  • Sanctuary
  • Takipsilim
  • Insane
  • Muli
  • Stars
  • The Final Song
  • Kung Kaya Ko Lang
  • Pasan
  • Take My Hand
  • Yakap

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Barbie's Cradle - Bio and Songs

About the band

Barbie's Cradle was a Filipino alternative rock band, formed in 1998 by the remaining members of Barbie
Almalbis's previous band, Hungry Young Poets, and disbanded in 2005 when Almalbis took up a solo career.
The band released three albums, Barbie's Cradle, Music from the Buffet Table, and Playing in the Fields, the last two of which featured lyrics notable for their Christian-oriented content, brought about by personal changes in the life of songwriter Almalbis. Aside from Almalbis, members over the years included Rommel de la Cruz who played Bass throughout the band's existence; drummers Franklin Benitez and Wendell Garcia, who were part of the band before and after the release of Music from the Buffet Table, respectively, and Kakoi Legaspi, who took up a second guitar position just prior to the band's dissolution in 2005.
How the band made

The first incarnation, called Hungry Young Poets started as a duo in 1997 by Barbie Almalbis (guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter) and Ricci Gurango (bassist). After releasing their only self-titled album, Franklin Benitez (drummer) would officially complete the trio.In 1998, Gurango left the band to lead cover band, Little Green Men,[1] before forming MOJOFLY. With Gurango's assertion of rights to the band's name, Almalbis and Benitez would later rename the group, Barbie's Cradle.

Their journey over years

The band's original lineup consisted of Barbie Almalbis on vocals and guitar, Franklin Benitez on drums, and Rommel De La Cruz on Bass. This was the lineup that performed at a Manila show by Sixpence None The
Richer and which recorded the song "Tabing Ilog" to serve as the title song for an afternoon soap opera
of the same name. Soon after, the band would release their Eponymous first album, Barbie's Cradle in late 1999. Drummer Franklin Benitez would leave the band before the release in 2000 of the band's second album, Music from the Buffet Table. Some of the tracks on that album were thus performed by Benitez, and some by Wendell Garcia. That album would be significant for introducing the Christian-themed lyrics that
would be Barbie's Cradle's trademark until its disbandment, and of Barbie Almalbis as a solo artist thereafter.
The highly successful trio of Almalbis, De La Cruz, and Garcia, with their now-distinctive spiritually influenced songs, released Playing in the Fields in 2003.In 2005, Rivermaya guitarist Kakoi Legaspi left that group to become part of Barbie's Cradle. Almalbis, however, decided to take up a solo career, which meant that no full Barbie's Cradle album would be made with the addition of Legaspi's guitar performance. The new Barbie's Cradle sound, with Legaspi's contribution, however, can be heard in the "Good Day" track which was released in Barbie: The Singles, a compilation album released in 2005 featuring songs by Hungry Young Poets, Barbie's Cradle, and Almalbis as a solo artist.

Awards and accomplishments

    2001 Katha Awards
  •         Best Electronica Composition, Up and at 'Em (Power Puff Girls CD)
  •         Best Folk Song, Dear Paul
  •         Best Folk Vocal Performance, Dear Paul (single) by Barbie Almalbis
    2001 NU107 Rock Awards
  •         Best Music Video, Money For Food (video) by Monty Parungao
    2000 Katha Awards
  •         Best Alternative Song, Goodnyt (single)
  •         Best Album Packaging, Barbie's Cradle (self-titled) by Barbie Almalbis / Yvette Co
    PARI 13th Awit Awards 2000
  •         Best Album Packaging, Barbie's Cradle (self-titled)
    1999 New Artist Awards Festival, 99.5RT
  •         Best New Pop-Alternative Artist, Barbie's Cradle
  • 121
  • Dear Paul
  • Gudnyt
  • Langit Na Naman
    Must Have
  • Tabing Ilog
  • All I Need
  • Everyday
  • Independence Day
  • Limang Dipang Tao
  • Nakababaliw
  • The Dance
  • Belinda Bye Bye
  • Firewoman
  • Just A Smile
  • Money For Food
  • Shiny Red Balloon
  • Torpe

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Bamboo - Bio and Songs


Bamboo was a Filipino alternative rock band founded in 2002 by Francisco "Bamboo" Mañalac, Ira
Cruz, Nathan Azarcon and Vic Mercado.

About the band

Francisco "Bamboo" Mañalac serves as the band's frontman. Contrary to popular belief, the band is not named after him. According to Ira Cruz, the guitarist, the word bamboo relates to strength and durability with an island feel to it. Also, it's very Filipino and Asian at the same time.

Two of its members, Bamboo Mañalac and Nathan Azarcon, were formerly part of Rivermaya. The other two members, Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado, were former instrumentalists of another band, Passage. Cruz and Azarcon were also former members of the band Kapatid during that time.

Four years after their departure from Rivermaya, Mañalac and Azarcon caught up again with each other, during which Azarcon introduced him to Cruz and Mercado.

Music career

Bamboo's debut album, As The Music Plays, was released in February 2004 where it received positive response from fans and critics alike. The album also won numerous awards at the AWIT Awards, NU 107 Rock Awards, and MTV Pilipinas 2004.

Their second album, Light Peace Love, which was released in 2005, consists of ten songs with differing moods and subjects, and took only 3 months to record. This album has a softer sound with both its lyrics and delivery. For this album, the band added more strings and a variety of other instruments, including trumpets. The band admitted that this album had a personal feel to it. They experimented with several new styles that may please new listeners, at the risk of disappointing fans of the more conventional rock of their first album.

Their third album, We Stand Alone Together, was released in 2007. It contains covers of local songs such as Buklod's "Tatsulok" and international songs such as Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", from different generations. It also includes bonus tracks like unplugged versions of their hit songs from previous albums such as "Mr. Clay", "These Days", and "Hallelujah". Once again, opting to do away with the conventional rock image that was attached to them, they produced sounds which were more jazzy than expected.

Star Records--backed up by ABS-CBN TV Production and MYX--produced and created the official soundtrack for the tele-epiko "Rounin", wherein the title track "Argos" was performed by Bamboo. A new avenue was opened to the band, as "Argos" is said to be the band’s first venture to record a song for a primetime television show. It is also the first time for the multi-awarded band and Star Records to work together.
The band was also part of the "Days of Peace" Campaign by UNICEF with Gary Valenciano. The band's fourth album, Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday achieved platinum status on September 28, 2008 - just two days after its release.

Dis Band

News circulated on January 9, 2007 that Bamboo had "allegedly disbanded." DJ KC Montero of Wave
89.1 confirmed the breakup on Wave's The KC Show and via Twitter. Montero clarified that all the members of the band "have decided to move on," and that he does not know why they called it quits. The group has not released an official statement on the issue, according to Bamboo's lead vocalist Francisco "Bamboo" Mañalac finally confirmed the breakup of his band in an official statement posted before midnight of January 11, 2011 on the group's website.

After Disband

A few months after the band disbanded, the group reformed without the vocalist (Bamboo Mañalac) and formed the band Hijo. Nathan Azarcon (vocals & bass), Ira Cruz (guitar & back vocals), Vic Mercado (drums), Junji Lerma of Wahijuara (guitar) and Jay-O Orduña of Cauio (keyboards).

The band's frontman Bamboo Mañalac pursued a solo carreer and released his first album as a solo artist in November 2011.

  •  As The Music Plays (2004) - Double Platinum (A 2-disc Repackaged Version was released in 2005)
  •     Light Peace Love (2005) - Platinum
  •     We Stand Alone Together (2007) - Gold
  •     Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday (2008) - Platinum (A 2-disc Repackaged Version was released in late 2010)

  •     04
  •     Alpha Beta Omega
  •     Children of the Sun
  •     Feelin' Alright
  •     I-You
  •     Mr. Clay
  •     Peace Man
  •     Probinsyana
  •     Tatsulok
  •     Umagang Kay Ganda
  •     50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
  •     Argos
  •     Dinner At 6
  •     Hallelujah
  •     Light Years
  •     Much Had Been Said
  •     Prayer For The Dying
  •     So Far Away
  •     These Days
  •     War of Hearts and Minds
  •     Alive
  •     As The Music Plays Our Band
  •     F.U.
  •     Hudas
  •     Masaya
  •     Noypi
  •     Pride and the Flame
  •     Take Me Down
  •     Truth
Awards and Accomplishments

Philippine Radio Music Awards
  •       Won: International Artist Award (2009)
Awit Awards
  •         Won: Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artist - "Noypi" (2005)
  •         Won: Best Rock Recording - "Noypi" (2005)
  •         Won: People's Choice Favorite Song - "Noypi" (2005)
  •         Won: Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artist - "Hallelujah" (2006)
  •         Won: Album of the Year - "Light Peace Love" (2006)
  •         Won: Song of the Year - "Hallelujah" (2006)
  •         Won: Best Ballad Recording - "Much Has Been Said" (2006)
  •         Won: Best Rock Recording - "Hallelujah" (2006)
  •         Won: People's Choice Favorite Song - "Hallelujah" (2006)
  •         Won: Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist - "Tatsulok" (2008)
  •         Won: Best Rock Song - "Tatsulok" (2008)
  •         Won: Best Musical Arrangement - "Probinsyana" (2008)
  •         Won: Best Engineered Recording - "Probinsyana" (2008)
  •         Won: Music Video of the Year - "Probinsyana" (2008)
NU Rock Awards
  •         Won: Guitarist of the Year - Ira Cruz (2003)
  •         Won: Artist of the Year (2004)
  •         Won: Song of the Year - "Noypi" (2004)
  •         Won: Vocalist of the Year - Bamboo Mañalac (2004)
  •         Won: Drummer of the Year - Vic Mercado (2004)
  •         Won: Listeners Choice Awardee (2004)
  •         Won: Album of the Year - "Light Peace Love" (2005)
  •         Won: Vocalist of the Year - Bamboo Mañalac (2005)
  •         Won: Listeners Choice Awardee (2005)
  •         Won: Artist of the Year (2007)
  •         Won: Guitarist of the Year - Ira Cruz (2007)
  •         Won: Bassist of the Year - Nathan Azarcon (2007)
  •         Won: Drummer of the Year - Vic Mercado and Mark Escueta of Rivermaya (2007)
  •         Won: Listeners Choice Awardee (2007)
  •         Won: Best Live Act (2007)
  •         Won: Music Video of the Year - "Last Days On A Cruise Ship" (2009)
MTV Pilipinas
  •         Won: Favorite New Artist in a Video - "Noypi" (2004)
  •         Won: Favorite Song - "Noypi" (2004)
  •         Won: Favorite Group Video - "Noypi" (2004)
  •         Won: Guitarist of the Year - Ira Cruz (2004)
  •         Won: MTV Ayos! Best Commercial Video - "Fiestamazing" (2005)
  •         Won: Best Cinematography in a Video - "Much Has Been Said" (2006)
  •         Nominated: Favorite Group Video - "Masaya" (2005)
  •         Nominated: Favorite Group Video - "Much Has Been Said" (2006)
  •         Nominated: Favorite Pop Video - "Much Has Been Said" (2006)
  •         Nominated: Best Production Design in a Video - "Much Has Been Said" (2006)
93.1 RX Year End Awards
  •         Won: Song of the Year - "Noypi (2004)
  •         Won: New Local Artist of the Year (2004)
  •         Won: Group of the Year (2004)
89.9 TM Year End Awards
  •         Won: Song of the Year - "Masaya" (2004)
  •         Won: New Local Artist of the Year (2004)
  •         Won: Song of the Year - "Noypi" (2005)
SOP Music Awards
  •         Won: Strictly Alternative Category Winner - "Hallelujah" (2005)
SOP Pasiklaband
  •         Won: Best Rock Band (2006)
  •         Won: Vocalist of the Year - Bamboo Mañalac (2006)
  •         Won: Most Promising Entertainer (2006)
  •         Won: Best Major Concert-(Group) (2006)

  •         Won: Most Clickable Band (2006)
Box Office Entertainment Awards
  •         Won: Most Popular Recording Group (2007)

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    • Lolita "Nene" Carbon
    • Mike "Nonoy" Pillora
    • Cesar "Saro" Bañares (deceased)
    • Pendong Aban, Jr.
    There are only 4 members of ASIN, others are all session musicians.

    ASIN was formed in 1977; the nucleus of which was the duo- Mike Pillora Jr. and Cesar Bañares Jr., who were plying the folk joints and pub houses in Manila as “Mike and Cesar”. A year later, Lolita Carbon was recruited by the duo to fill in the missing middle voice and eventually became the third member. Mike named their trio “Salt of the Earth”; after the song popularized by Joan Baez, and composed by Mick Jagger and Keith Richard. More than just a song title, Mike based the name of their group on the essence of the phrase which the Holy Book had intended it to be — the lowly, the needy, the wavering millions who are humble in birth, and the hard working people — the real salt of the Earth.

    On the year 1978, the trio (who were all songwriters, composers and arrangers) signed their first recording contract and localized the name "Salt of the Earth" into "Asin ng Lupa." They ultimately became known simply as ASIN. Simultaneously, the members had adopted local names for themselves and they were later known to their fans as Nonoy, Saro and Nene.

    On the same year, their album entitled "Masdan mo ang Kapaligiran" (Look at Your Environment) was released, giving birth to an alternative form of music which was different and distinct from what was mainstream. Their songs conveyed a message that had instilled awareness into the vast majority of Filipinos and became a rallying call for emancipation.

    In the last quarter of 1979, they launched another album called "Himig ng Pag-ibig" (Hymn of Love). The group's break-up abruptly followed. However, their absence from the music scene did not hamper their growing popularity. During the time that they were not around as a group, their songs had grown roots in the hearts of the entire population and became a household tune to every Filipino home.

    The group was not heard of until 1983. On the summer of the same year, AIESEC, (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales), a students’ business organization based in the island of Cebu, made a project to reunite the group. Nonoy was summoned and was tasked to reunite his band. This resulted in a jam-packed reunion concert of the group at Cebu Coliseum, Cebu City. From that time on ASIN, with their manager Dindo, rolled into a series of performances in Mindanao, sporadic shows in the Visayan Region, and marathon concerts in Luzon.

    The culmination of all these events led to the creation and the launch of their third album "Himig ng Lahi" (Hymn of the Race) on the same year. Through Nonoy, Fred Aban Jr., the session bass player known by the name Pendong, was anointed by the trio and became the fourth member of the group, despite him not being a songwriter, but only a musician. Inasmuch as everybody in the group was a ‘junior’ ( each one was carrying his father’s first name), Nene also proclaimed herself a 'junior'.

    In the beginning of 1984, the group released an experimental album called "Ang mga Awitin ng Bayan kong Pilipinas", an adaptation of traditional and contemporary songs from various regions of the Philippine archipelago.

    On November 1985, they came out with another original compilation that Nonoy called; "ASIN...Sa Atubiling Panahon" (Asin...In A Doubtful Time). This was unfolded by the roll of events that happened at the beginning of the year after, among which was the EDSA Revolution that toppled the ruling Marcos regime. ASIN called it "atubiling panahon" (doubtful time) and the group split for a second time.

    In 1988, they decided to regroup again hoping to come up with new material to make another album that would speak of the time. Instead they were lured by their new manager into making an adaptation of old and irrelevant songs and came out with a double album called "Himig Kayumanggi" and "Sinta." Their reasons for going in this direction was shroud under a hidden agenda.

    Instead of going deeper into the essence of what was happening, they went into intrigues that led to the expulsion of Nonoy. Nonoy was disgruntled but instead of bending his knees chose another path. He went to Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Greece, Israel and Egypt to "look for his soul". Back home, the dream of making a new album was not fulfilled. Soon after, Saro and Nene, together with the name (ASIN), found themselves used and exploited as they have become only one of the talents gathered together called "the hidden agenda", otherwise known as the "Lokal Brown."

    In 1990, the remaining members of Asin (who were under the leadership of a clique headed by their new manager) disbanded. Saro went back to his home province South Cotabato, Nene came out with "Nene Band," and Pendong with "Grupong Pendong".

    In 1992, a concert promoter gathered the three original members, Nonoy, Saro and Nene for a reunion concert. As for Pendong, according to the promoter, he was not included because his wife was difficult to deal with. The concert was staged at the Folk Arts Theater of the Philippines. However, It was nothing more than a one night gig and each member went back again to his and her own right after the concert.

    In 1993, the other members were shaken with the news that Saro was mauled and shot on the forehead in a video/karaoke bar in his hometown. He was murdered in cold blood by a mob headed by a lawyer alleged to be the legal counsel of the Governor of South Cotabato. The culprit was put to trial and was convicted for murder and was meted out with the verdict of life imprisonment but after 14 years of serving his sentence, he was released for "justifiable" reasons.

    On the year 2000, Craig Burrows, a native of England came up with the idea to bring together the remaining members of the group and make an album/EP. He first spoke with Nonoy who eagerly agreed and later brought Nene and Pendong to the island where he lived. The three had a brief meeting wherein Nonoy came up with the concept for the album which the two excitedly accepted. After several days though, Nonoy realized that time had changed them, and that he couldn't feel the connection they all used to share. Reconsidering the consequences of his past mistakes, Nonoy made a decision not to get involved with this project. They parted ways feeling unsatisfied with the outcome of the planned reunion, but Nonoy gave the other two his blessing and told them that they could still follow through with the album concept that he came up with and bring with them the name - ASIN .

    Nonoy's concept was never realized, but in 2002, with the support of Burrows, Nene and Pendong made the album "Pag-ibig, Pagbabago, Pagpapatuloy" under the band name ASIN. Later, Pendong shared his stories with the media, of how Nonoy had finally decided to put down his guitar down and settle into a peaceful life; and of the band's beginnings, of how together with Nonoy and Saro, he met Nene at a folk rock club called Kola House and then decided to form their own musical group, naming it "Salt of the Earth". This according to him was the beginning of the group ASIN.

    Peacefully, Nonoy continued to perform with a new partner Ginji, known together as “noyginji interaktiv.” They distributed CDs with new compositions, the likes of“...Ang Karugtong” which means; “...The Continuation”

    In mid-2006, Nene and Pendong disbanded. Pendong immigrated to America with his whole family where he continued playing as “Grupong Pendong.” During the last quarter of the same year, Nonoy and his family moved to Israel and continued to perform as “noyginji interaktiv”. On the other hand, Nene stayed in the Philippines and stayed a soloist.

    In July 14, 2010, Nonoy and Nene reunited as ASIN to pay tribute to their fallen colleague Saro Bañares Jr. in Koronadal, South Cotabato. Their performance marked the opening of the 44th T’nalak Festival, a yearly celebration showcasing dances and crafts of the tribal communities as well as the produce of the place mentioned. The day after, they were invited by the "People’s Champ" Manny Pacquiao to play in his home province Saranggani to a multitude of thousands, and on the third day they played casually to invited guests of the mayor of Lake Sebu in Surallah, South Cotabato.

    • Asin
    • Himig Ng Pag-ibig
    • Himig Ng Lahi
    • Mga Ginintuang Awitin Ng Asin
    • Mga Awitin Ng Bayan Kong Pilipinas
    • Asin Sa Atubiling Panahon
    • Himig Kayumanggi
    • Sinta
    • Asin- Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran (Special Collector’s Edition)
    • Pag-ibig, Pagbabago, Pagpapatuloy
    • Ang Bayan Kong Sinilangan- Paglalakbay Sa Mga Awitin Ng Asin
     Awards and accomplishments
    •  Best Folksong of the Year for “Orasyon” – AWIT Awards 1984
    • Best Album of the Year for “Himig ng Lahi” – AWIT Awards 1984
    • Album of the Year for “Himig ng Lahi – Jingle Magazine Awards 1984
    • Best Vocal Arrangement for Group in “Lupa” – Cecil Awards 1986
    • Department of Environment and Natural Resources Likas Yaman Award for “Masdan and Kapaligiran” 1991
    • For Lolita Carbon – Best Rock Recording for “Paraisong Liku-liko”, AWIT Awards 1990
    • For Pendong Aban, Jr. – Best World Music Album for “Ang Grupong Pendong – Dito Sa Lupa”
    • Album – Katha Music Awards 1995
    • Best Folksong for “Pagbabalik” – Aliw Awards 1979
    • Nominated as Best Rock Recording for “Usok” in the 1st Cecil Awards
    • Best Musical Arrangement for “Dalawang Dekada ng Asin (Overture)”, AWIT Awards 2002
    • Environmental Champions
    • Ang Bayan Kong Sinilangan
    • Ang Buhay Ko
    • Balita
    • Hangin
    • Lupa
    • Gising Na Kaibigan

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      About the band

      Afterimage is a band of pop rock in the Philippines. The group disbanded after 11 years being together and made a comeback this 2008. Some their popularized songs were Habang May Buhay, Next In Line and Mangarap Ka.
      Afterimage was formed and active in 1990. Five members composed the band. Bobit Unson was the bass guitarist and Francis Reyes on Lead Guitars. Francis Reyes eventually replaced by Chuck Isidro of 6cyclemind. Rogie Callejo played the drums while Arnold Cabalza took the keyboardist’s responsibilities. Wency Cornejo was assigned to do the vocals.

      Touch The Sun was the title of Afterimage’s debut album which was released under Dyna Records on 1992. It contained 8 tracks, spawning four singles namely: Bai, Only You, Next In Line and Pagtawid. The title Touch The Sun was taken out from the phrase of Next In Line. It was said that the phrase was accidentally blurted out by Wency Cornejo during the recording session. Thinking it captured the meaning of the album- life in its fiery form, they used the phrase as a title as it represents hopes, frustrations and most importantly, the kind of renewal felt inside as they touch other

      On 1994, Afterimage released their second album at the height of band craze in the Philippine music scene. The album was dubbed as Tag-Araw, Tag-Ulan. The title took its name from the two singles from the album. It boasts its carrier single, Tag-Ulan which topped several charts in the country. The album was awarded its Gold Record awards later that year. Mangarap Ka, their follow-up single also became a great hit for the band.

      After 11 years of sojourn in music scenery, Afterimage officially disbanded on 2001. Manager conflict was said to be the reason for such action. Wency Cornejo, the band’s vocalist pursued a solo career after the dissolution of the band.

      7 years after being disbanded, the group made a comeback this year 2008. They returned with a new album entitled The Place In The Sun boasting Musikero as its carrier single. The album was released under Viva Records.

      Musikero is the first and official music video from the album. Aside from the said single, fans will surely enjoy other 11 tracks of rock and heavy ballads.

      It is nice to see a former band grouped again together, making music and doing things they used to be. Afterimage have grown and is a whole lot better than before.


      •     Touch The Sun
      •     Tag-Araw, Tag-Ulan
      •     The Place In The Sun
      Songs from Afterimage
      •     Aanhin Ko
      •     Anak Ng Puso
      •     Ang Tanging
      •     At Twing Ako'y Nangangamba
      •     Believe
      •     Iduyan Mo
      •     Karimlan
      •     Langit
      •     Mangarap Ka
      •     Oyayi
      •     Paano Na Ang Buhay Mo Ngayon
      •     Pagtawid
      •     Panahon
      •     Panimula/Ikaw
      •     Tag-Araw
      •     Tag-Ulan
      •     Tibay
      •     Habang May Buhay
      •     Next In Line
      •     Walang Hanggan

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      Why 6 Cycle Mind?

      The band is managed by Darwin Hernandez who they consider part of the band hence “6″. The Cycle Mind part is open for comments.

      6 Cycle Mind’s Sounds?

      Their music is a fusion of alternative music and pop music

      Band History

      Know fact for 6 Cycle Mind was that the band was formed in 2001 and former member include Gilbert Magat on drums. Other information are open for comments.

      Band Members

      Ronel “Ney” Dimaculangan – vocals
      Ryan “Rye” Sarmiento – guitars, vocals
      Carlos “Chuck” Isidro – guitars
      Roberto “Bob, Bobby” Cañamo – bass
      Tutti Caringal – drums

      Albums, Singles… the whole discography

      • Permission To Shine (2003, Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
      • Home (2006, Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
      Other Infos
      • Chuck Isidro is the former guitarist of After Image
      • Ney and Bobby came from the band “Angel in Disguise”
      • Tutti is the lead vocals of the band Protein Shake
      • Biglaan
      • INSIDE OF ME
      • SANDALAN
      • FALL OUT
      • I
      • 4 YEARS, 9 MONTHS
      • TUNAY
      • PRINSESA
      • FLY
      • SIGE
      • TRIP
      • Sige
      • Pa Ba
      • NALILITO
      • PABA
      • WAIT OR GO
      • AWAY
      • TOUCH
      • LANDAS

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        3rd Avenue - Bio and Songs

        3rd Avenue is a Filipino band composing of 6 members. They were young professionals bonded together with their common passion for music. Their music never failed to attract fans and music lovers who would come to see and hear them perform. Thiers is exceptional talents with versatility in nature, can adapt different music genres, from ballads to pop, jazz, OPM and many more. Being an experienced graduates of DLSU-CSB, within the group are songwriter, designers, athletes, composers, voice coaches, choirmasters, HR practitioners, session artists and vocal, choral and musical arrangers.

        3rd Avenue composed of six members. Lead vocalists were Paolo Ledesma and Teena Lim, Marlon Barnueva was assigned on keyboards, Beng Gatmaitan as the drummer, RV Amaranto on bass guitars and Lester Cerda was expert in Saxophone and Flute. The group was managed by Mr. Henry Onglatco of Real Talent Entertainment Co. Inc. He was the former manager of “Passage Band”.

        Before entering the recording scene, Paolo, Teena, Marlon & Beng as the original members were already performing around Manila. They have shared their music to some of the finest bars and restaurants in Metro Manila. They also cater music to numerous events, weddings, and other private 7 corporation functions.

        They joined ”Nescafe De-wired 2 Acoustic Band Competition and Song-Writing Contest” on 2004. They brought home the prestige as the second winner. RV and Lester eventually jammed with the group, solidifying its current line-up.

        Aside being regarded as one of the Manila’s most-sought performers in wedding industry, 3rd Avenue is also visible in live band circuit. The group can be seen performing in different prime venues in Manila like Hard Rock Cafe, Chef & Brewer and Strumms.

        3rd Avenue is included in the album entitled ”Nescafe De-Wired 2” which was released on 2004. The album was released and produced by Vicor Music Philippines. They performed tracks. “Love Answers All” and “Seasons of Love”.

        2007 marked the release of the group’s debut album. ”3rd Avenue: In Time” was produced by Barnyard Music/RTI Music and was distributed by Universal Records. The album featured “Aking Hiling” as its carrier single. The song enjoyed heavy airplays in different radio stations and so with their rendition of “Why Can’t It Be”. It contained 10 other tracks and a bonus track.

        ”Aking Hiling” was chosen as the theme song for “Sunrise”, QTV’s Asianovela. Their rendition of ‘Why Can’t It Be” was the OST for “My Best Friend’s Girlfriend” of GMA Films. “Hangga’t Tayo’y Magkasama” and ”O, Kay Sarap” from the album In Time were theme songs of GMA’s “Daisy Siete Season 18: Prince Charming and the Seven Maids”.

        Collaborating with other artists such as Barbie Almalbis, Rocksteddy, Dianne Elise, Jeffrey and Arnee Hidalgo, Urbanation anfd Luke Mejares, 3rd Avenue jammed in ”Mossimo Music: The Christmas Project” released by RTI Music. 3rd Avenue sung “The Christmas Song” and “Winter Wonderland”.


        Nescafe De-Wired 2

        •     Love Answers All
        •     Seasons Of Love
        3rd Avenue: In Time

        •     Aking Hiling
        •     Why Can’t It Be
        •     No Such Thing
        •     Hangga’t Tayo’y Magkasama
        •     Before It’s Too Late
        •     Iwas Lang
        •     In Time
        •     O, Kay Sarap
        •     I Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye
        •     What Would You Do?
        •     Paano Na Ang Puso?
        •     Aking Hiling (Acoustic)- Bonus track

        Mossimo Music: The Christmas Project
        •     The Christmas Song
        •     Winter Wonderland

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        List of Pinoy Rock Bands - past to present

        List of Pinoy Rock Bands
        •    3rd Avenue (bio and songs)-  pop ballad, light pop  (Aking Hiling - click here to play)
        •     6cyclemind (bio and songs) - alternative and pop (Aamin - click here to play)
        •     Afterimage (bio and songs) - alternative, rock, and pop (Tag-Ulan - click here to play)
        •     Asin (bio and songs)- pinoy rock and folk rock (Masdan And Kapaligiran - click here to play)
        •     Bamboo (bio and songs) - pinoy rock, alternative rock, and jazz fushion (Masaya - click here to play)
        •     Barbie's Cradle (bio and songs)-pinoy rock and alternative rock (Limang Dipang Tao - click here to play)
        •     Callalily (bio and songs) - pop rock (Magbalik - click here to play)
        •     Cambio (bio and songs) -  pinoy rock, pop, indie rock, and indie pop (Pasaway - click here to play)
        •     The Camerawalls (bio and songs)- indie pop (The Sight Of Love - click here to play)
        •     Cerumentric (bio and songs)  - synthrock, indierock, electronic (BleedingIntoMyDreams - click here to play)
        •     Chicosci (bio and songs) - nu metal.pop punk,emo,alternative(SevenBlackRoses - click here to play)
        •     Cueshe (bio and songs)- pop rock (Pangako - click here to play)
        •     Datu's Tribe (bio and songs)- alternative rock (Binibining Sexy - click here to play )
        •     Dead Ends (bio and songs) - hardcore punk, crossover thrash (Damned Nation - click here to play)
        •     The Dawn (bio and songs)- hard rock, rock,Post-Punk,Alternative Rock (Salamat - click here to play)
        •     Dicta License (bio and songs)- rap, rock, grunge  (Tinangay - click here to play )
        •     Drip (bio and songs)- trip hop and experimental (Kabilugan ng Buwan - click here to play )
        •     Eraserheads (bio and songs)- pop rock, alternative rock (Ligaya - click here to play)
        •     Greyhoundz (bio and songs)- nu metal (Doble Kara - click here to play )
        •     Gypsy Grind (bio and songs)- pinoy rock (sample music: Ermitanyo - click here to play )
        •     Hale (bio and songs)- dream pop, acoustic, power ballad (Kahit Pa - click here to play )
        •     Hastang (bio and songs)- modern rock (Oblivion - click here to play)
        •     Hotdog (bio and songs)- pop and rock and roll (Bonggahan - click here to play)
        •     Humanfolk (bio and songs)- world fusion (Para Sa Tao - click here to play)
        •     Imago - pinoy rock and pop rock (Ewan - click here to play)
        •     Introvoys - alternative, rock, and pop (Kailanman - click here to play)
        •     Itchyworms - pop rock and alternative rock (Beer - click here to play)
        •     The Jerks - punk, alternative rock, blues (Kun'Di Man - click here to play)
        •     Johnny Alegre Affinity - jazz (sample music: click here to play)
        •     Junior Kilat - reggae (M16 - click here to play)
        •     Juan Dela Cruz Band - pinoy rock, blues (Balong Malalim - click here to play)
        •     Kalayo -, world fusion (Lumaban ka - click here to play)
        •     Kamikazee - punk rock, alternative rock (Narda - click here to play)
        •     Lokomotiv  rock and roll, hard rock (Five Alive - click here to play)
        •     Mayonnaise - alternative rock (Ipagpatawad Mo - click here to play)
        •     Missing Filemon - rock (Sine-Sine - click here to play)
        •     Mistula - rock, virtual band (Baptized - click here to play)
        •     MOJOFLY - pinoy rock and pop (Mata - click here to play)
        •     Moonstar 88 - pop rock (Torete - click here to play)
        •     MYMP - acoustic and soul (Sa Kanya - click here to play)
        •     Narda - post-punk, alternative rock, and new wave (Kusina - click here to play)
        •     Neocolours - pop (Makita Kang Muli - click here to play)
        •     Nyko Maca + Playground - drum and bass, progressive house (Turn My Head - click here to play)
        •     Orange and Lemons - alternative rock, pop rock, indie pop and indie rock (Abot Kamay - click here to play)
        •     Paramita - pop rock (Hiling - click here to play)
        •     Parokya ni Edgar - alternative rock (Buloy - click here to play)
        •     Pedicab - disco punk, pop punk, alternative synth (Simulan Mo Na - click here to play)
        •     Prettier Than Pink - pop rock (Cool Ka Lang - click here to play)
        •     Pupil - alternative rock, new wave (20/20 - click here to play)
        •     Radioactive Sago Project - pinoy rock, alternative rock, jazz fusion, and ska punk (Astro - click here to play)
        •     Razorback - hard rock, rock n roll (Payaso - click here to play)
        •     Rivermaya - pinoy rock, alternative rock, indie rock, and indie pop (Himala - click here to play)
        •     Rocksteddy - pinoy rock and alternative rock (Gising Na - click here to play)
        •     Sandwich - rock, rock n roll, alternative rock, indie rock (old material) (Sugod - click here to play)
        •     Session Road - RnB (Suntok Sa Buwan - click here to play)
        •     Shampoo ni Lola - indie (Basted - click here to play)
        •     Shamrock - alternative rock (Haplos - click here to play)
        •     Silent Sanctuary - alternative, soul, pop (Hiling - click here to play)
        •     Sinosikat? - jazz (Mr. Musikero - click here to play)
        •     Slapshock - rap-metal, and nu-metal (Misterio - click here to play)
        •     South Border - pop, RnB, and soul (Ikaw Lang - click here to play)
        •     Sponge Cola - pop rock, alternative rock (Tambay - click here to play)
        •     Sugarfree - pinoy rock, alternative rock, pop rock (Mariposa - click here to play)
        •     Taken By Cars - disco punk (Shapeshifter - click here to play)
        •     True Faith - pop rock and experimental (Dahil Ikaw - click here to play)
        •     Typecast - emo, post-hardcore, pop-punk (WillYourEverLearn - click here to play)
        •     Urbandub - rock, experimental, indie rock (Frailty - click here to play)
        •     VST & Company - disco (Tayoy Magsayawan - click here to play)
        •     Wolfgang - heavy metal, hard rock (Natutulog Kong Mundo - click here to play)
        •     Yano - folk and punk rock (Naroon - click here to play)
        •     Zoo - rock (The Flame - click here to play)

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